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About Us


I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and certified Reiki practitioner based in the East of England with training in both Western and Japanese lineages in the Usui System since 2016. I work one-to-one and offer distant sessions also. I regularly work with distant clients in London, Spain, South America & India. My spiritual journey into Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation started over ten years ago with a health-related issue and I continue to explore what it means to live in balance in today's modern world. Developing a Reiki practice in 2016 has led me to a deeper core understanding of the positive effects that energy within and around us can bring to the mind-body when it's in flow.

Creative approach


With a background as a nature-based artist practicing environmental art as therapy, including gaining experiential training in some Ecotherapy modalities I strongly believe in nature as a healer, and how both our inner and outer environments need to align. I have a fluid approach and I work best for the client organically and intuitively with light movement or hand positions on the body's main energy centers trusting the subtle energies that exist.


Sessions are supported by a reflective consultation at the end. Reiki healing is like an energy massage. Treatments leave you feeling more connected, relaxed, balanced, and open to how intuitive Reiki works for you. Treatments can make you feel lighter, feel brighter, uplifted, and re-connected promoting increased relaxation and mental well-being. Reiki can also be an opening and cleansing going deeper helping you unlock mental as well as physical blockages. It goes beyond the surface and works on a cellular level and helps us to open up to the flow of life. Sessions will be as subtle or deep as the body needs.

*DISCLAIMER: Your body will know what it needs!

Light Stroke


“Sandra did a phenomenal reiki job on my mum who had  fragile health at the time and was facing complications. My mum was immediately lighter after each session and Sandra was able to describe some of the health problems from her that I didn’t tell her in the first place. It was really impressive! My mum is now fully recovered and we will always be grateful for the fantastic reiki sessions!


Sandra is kind, compassionate, competent and a lovely human being too. The last session was very powerful and she holds a natural gift."

Danielle, London
Associate director, digital marketing projects & University Lecturer. 
Distant session to Brazil 


30 mins Reiki / 15 minute consultation

At the current time, I am only offering Distant sessions on Fridays in-between 12-5pm and some weekends.

White Room

"I have seen Sandra quite a few times over the last couple of years for reiki healing treatments. Sandra is a warm, approachable and nurturing therapist who seems to be very intuitive and focussed during the healings. I would recommend Sandra- I have always felt a shift on some level after her sessions."

Natasha, 40, Brighton
NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Hypnotherapy

I felt like a phoenix rising from a flame, its the most buoyant I’ve felt in weeks. 

Lisa, NHS nurse, Nottingham
 Distant session - April 2020

"Each session with Sandra leaves me feeling incredibly incredibly powerful - a soft strength that feels heart felt rather than ready for battle. My voice sounds louder, and my mind super charged- it’s always like recharging an empty battery.


I needed to feel safe and secure during some big cross roads in my life, and Sandras Reiki was powerful but with a light touch. I am so lucky to have found her as she is pure magic."

Nieve, 37, London
Creative Director, Distant session
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These gentle and often powerful sessions are not over zoom or anything and begin with both lighting a candle at an agreed time, together inviting the reiki healing to take place. Sessions are with or without music followed by a reflective telephone consultation.


Distant healings can be sent anywhere at any time, I have been known to do this for people flying. However making this space at home or somewhere where clients can relax is ideal for a truer experience.

To book a treatment please message me direct on 07846038782




Thursdays @ Neals Yard in Stamford, Lincolnshire. 

London pop-up tbc.


To book a treatment visit Neals Yard, please call on 01780 752 505

or message me direct 07846038782

Light and Shadow

" I found the whole distant experience extremely calming. Afterwards, I felt a sense of inner peace and enlightenment as i had been struggling with anxiety and negative self thoughts. 


As recommended by Sandra, I started the session by lighting a candle at the agreed time and made myself comfortable. After 15 minutes , my body felt a sudden sense of lightness and instant relaxation. 


During the phone  consultation shortly after the session I couldn’t believe it when she also felt a shift 15 minutes in, when my body became unblocked! She also clearly pinpointed some specific personal battles I had been dealing with. She discussed these beliefs/feelings/thoughts with me in such an empathetic and sensitive nature, offering words of encouragement and suggestions in order to help overcome these feelings. I felt safe and protected."

Sian, Lincolnshire
Fashion Buyer & Trainee Counsellor
Distant session


Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I
With Debbie Goldsmith based on The Shoden Manual of The International House of Reiki

Both Usui Lineages of Reiki, Japanese + Western Level II 
With Reiki Master Torsten Alexandra Lange of The Reiki Academy London
2016/ 17

Intuitive Reiki workshop 
With Torsten Lange 

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology workshop for Reiki Practitioners
With Reiki Master Anne-Marie Carratu of Reiki Light
One of the UK's leading proponents for the integration of Western medicine and complimentary therapies.
The Reiki Academy London
2017 / 19

Reiki shares
East London Reiki, various

Practise Locations

Neal's Yard, Stamford Lincs 2023
Renaissance Therapy Rooms, Stamford, Lincs Winter 2022

The Well Garden, Hackney London 2020
London Fields Yoga 2017/18
Newington Green 2019
UK, Poland, Palma - Majorca


UK Reiki Federation Member

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